About Us

Hello and welcome to the Highland Hedgehog Farm website!

We are a small family run permaculture farm just getting started. We would love if you follow us and participate in our journey towards more self sufficiency.

Our property is just under 7 acres, with about 3 open and 3.5-4 wooded. We purchased this property in August of 2018. The plan is to work towards self sufficiency with permaculture principals. We are adding a 1 acre mixed orchard, 1 acre of garden beds, and chickens for sure this year so keep tuned for video and blog posts about that!

The team:


Brittany is a full time nurse, daughter and wife with a desire to build a more down to earth existence. She wants to learn everything there is about home canning, preserving, gardening, building, etc. She is also the primary web master and videographer for the farm.


Liz is the master gardener of the group, with over 40 years experience and a green thumb like no other. Liz is in charge of the house, the garden and the animals on the farm. She is the main attraction in many of the videos.


Cliff is the mover and shaker on the farm. He specializes in building, heavy lifting, and all things mechanical. Cliff is featured in many of our videos and loves living on a farm.


Ben is a full time engineer and husband to Brittany. He enjoys wood working and assists with building, laying out and design on the farm. He isn’t quite sure he wants to eat as many vegetables as everyone else wants to grow yet, but he is willing to try!