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January is for Planning

January can seem really dreary. Lets face it, its cold and grey out during January most anywhere in the USA. We have been focusing a lot on getting new garden beds laid for spring planting, soil fertility and earth works … Continue reading

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Chickens have arrived!

The Ladies are here! We went early this morning and picked up our 6 new chickens. The farmer we work with (Deer Run Farm) had all the girls ready for us when we arrived. We decided to purchase pullets this … Continue reading

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Winter Tasks: Building Garden Beds

How do we build Garden Beds? Since our property is brand new to us, we are able to start from the beginning and bring you along for that journey. We decided we wanted to follow a permaculture and back to … Continue reading

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Chickens are coming!

EXCITING NEWS! We get our first chickens within the week! We went to Tractor Supply and got organic feed, oyster shell, scratch, pine bedding, a water bucket with nipples on the bottom, and two metal trash cans to store the … Continue reading

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